Has anyone researched this?

I have a conundrum. A lot of the time I find bizarre research questions coupled with wonderful new findings. But sometimes I come across an idea or question and there is no research that has ever been done on it! A friend suggested that I note these ideas and thoughts down in case, one day, I come across a study that asks that very question.

So here it is – a list of topics that haven’t yet been researched.

In case anyone has researched one of these topics, please (please please) message me and I will happily, no ex-tactically write about it.

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UX and Psychology Go Hand in Hand

One of the best suited careers a psychology graduate can have is working in User Experience (UX). I started my career as a UX Researcher in 2017 and it was the best career choice I ever made.

I also write posts on Medium and as a guest writer for TestingTime, a Swiss start-up which recruits test users for user and market research. Through Medium and TestingTime you can read more about my experiences as a UX Researcher and how having a background in psychology benefited my UX career.

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Economic Choices, Rationality & the Menstrual Cycle

We have heard it all, or have we?

To all the women out there and the men who are interested. Our menstrual cycle can play havoc with our daily routine, our relationships, our self-esteem and so much more. But very few of us (both women and men) consider if there may be an advantage to these different phases of our menstrual cycle, specifically rational and economic benefits.

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Are Men & Women Wired Differently?

Is there a reason why men tend to have better motor and spatial abilities while women have better memories, are more socially adept and are better at multi-tasking? As it turns out yes, we are wired differently! But does this explain all those talked about differences between men and women?

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How Chocolate Helped Me Understand Correlations: Part 2

Here it is. The yummiest Psychology study I’ve ever read: Chocolate Consumption, Cognitive Function, and Nobel Laureates by Messerli (2012). And here’s why this study helped me get my head around correlations and what a correlation means.

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How Chocolate Helped Me Understand Correlations: Part 1

I love chocolate! Even more than Psychology, Neuroscience and wine. So it’s not surprising that I used a chocolate context to help me understand what correlations are, what they mean and what they don’t mean. And guess what, chocolate as it turns out has its benefits!

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The Walking Dead… Not Just a TV Show

This is an odd one. There’s a condition, called Cotard’s syndrome, where patients believe they are dead! We’re not talking zombies who have cravings for brains or human flesh. These patients believe that they are no longer alive and are having trouble getting to grips with why they are, literally, the walking dead.

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