Has anyone researched this?

I have a conundrum. A lot of the time I find bizarre research questions coupled with wonderful new findings. But sometimes I come across an idea or question and there is no research that has ever been done on it! A friend suggested that I note these ideas and thoughts down in case, one day, I come across a study that asks that very question.

So here it is – a list of topics that haven’t yet been researched.

In case anyone has researched one of these topics, please (please please) message me and I will happily, no ex-tactically write about it.

Culture Shock and Sport

A swimming buddy of mine once told me that culture shock occurs after a few years of living in a foreign country. He also told me that foreigners tend to deal with culture shock through sport, i.e. sweat out the stress of being in a foreign country while getting those endorphins flowing and at the end feeling that wonderful state of accomplishment. But does exercise and taking part in sports, particularly sports that stretch across every country and work in teams, help us deal with culture shock?

What Happens in the Brains of Feminists vs. Man-haters, for Example…

Why is it that some of the very people who are trying to change the world for the better become haters? I’m using the example of feminism vs. man-haters here because this is a very prominent topic right now. We have amazing supportive and dedicated people trying to make changes for equality yet we still have a few who choose to be spiteful against all men and call it “feminism”. My question is simple; what happens to make people with good intentions become the very things they’re fighting against? I think this could be a tough question to research…

Intelligence & Common Sense are like Oil on Water

When I was studying for my Bachelors I looked up to my Professors like a dog to its master. Eight years on and doing my Masters I looked up to my Professors and wondered how some of them manage to cross the road every day. I would love to read a study that maps and compares the neuronal activity of academics who lived at university all their lives with those of the vocational Jack-of-all-trades, full of common sense, everyday worker.

Why is there a ‘Gaming Disorder’, but not a ‘SmartPhone Disorder’?

I came across this blog post literally asking why there is a ‘gaming disorder’ but not a ‘SmartPhone disorder’. This needs to be rectified! We are addicted to our smartphones, probably more so than games. What is also puzzling is that my iPhone (along with probably every other SmartPhone) happens to have a function to change the phone screen to greyscale to combat phone addiction. Is there no funding in academia when it comes to consumerism? Why are we only reading about this in blog posts and life-hack articles?