UX and Psychology Go Hand in Hand

One of the best suited careers a psychology graduate can have is working in User Experience (UX). I started my career as a UX Researcher in 2017 and it was the best career choice I ever made.

I also write posts on Medium and as a guest writer for TestingTime, a Swiss start-up which recruits test users for user and market research. Through Medium and TestingTime you can read more about my experiences as a UX Researcher and how having a background in psychology benefited my UX career.

Medium Blog Posts

How we tested our new emergency medicine (EM) content

20 January 2022

How do you go about testing new content for doctors? That was the first question that came to mind when I was asked to test our new emergency medicine (EM) content for EM doctors. It’s a challenging question for any researcher, however what made this research unique is that the content we were asked to test was not marketing content, or functional copy, but a product in and of itself.

This post will explain how we tested new EM content to assess if we met the needs of EM doctors with a new EM article —Approach to the poisoned patient.

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Building custom study plans for students to succeed

6 May 2021

Helping students study efficiently was one of the reasons AMBOSS was created, and why the Custom Study Plans (CSP) feature is one of the key ways the product helps students navigate the challenges of learning how to study for their upcoming exams.

In this article, I’ll share how our users helped shape our new CSP feature, and how research and product testing gave us insights into what our medical students need when preparing for their exams.

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TestingTime Blog Posts

Users are our heroes! How users help your product

28th October 2019

Testing the usability of a product provides insights into users’ expectations, behavioral instincts, and design preferences and aversions. Choosing the right test and demographic as well as including users who have not yet tried your product can greatly influence your outcomes and help you design for all your users.

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Tweaking the NPS for maximum insight

15th July 2019

Some companies speak highly of the NPS or Net Promoter Score while others say it’s useless. Here’s what it really tells you, what it doesn’t, and what you can use instead.

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Quantifying UX: Tools for analysis using R

3rd June 2019

This post gives you step-by-step directions to calculating sample sizes, visualising data, testing for significant differences, and quantifying written feedback with a free and open-source tool. It also covers recommendations for further reading as well as links to useful resources.

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Written by Alison Holland



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