About me

What does one do after finishing a Masters in Neuroscience? Start a blog.

This is a blog about my biggest interests – Psychology, Neuroscience and UX. These fields have become intertwined like… a modern marriage, each with their likes, dislikes, desires and problems.

I love to write, especially about people, oddities and research! Hence this blog. I like to post (and repost) upcoming research, news articles and reviews in easily digestible bites.

If you want to pitch an article, send a tip or want more info, send me a message.

Now for the bit about me.

I was born and raised in Manchester, UK (Madchester for the music buffs) and moved to Lancaster to do my Bachelors in Psychology & Philosophy.

Like so many 20-something year olds of the Y generation, I left my home country and headed off into the unknown. For me (and my best friend) that was Australia and New Zealand! After a year and 3 months of doing the Work & Travel dream, I headed home full of inspiration and drive.

Next stop – Hallo Berlin!

I’ve been living in Berlin since 2009 and in that time I’ve had a variety of jobs from proof-reading academic papers to working as a Project Manager in an advertising agency. Although these jobs came with their perks and challenges, I wanted to get back into the Psychology field. Then came the crunch – Germany loves official papers (notice how I said Germany, not Germans), and in a country that used to have the Diplom (Bachelors + Masters degree), my Bachelors degree wasn’t getting me very far. So I quit my job, applied for my Masters degree at the Freie Universität Berlin and got accepted into the programme! Fast forward three years, I got my MSc in Neuroscience specialising in the social side of things.

Now that I’ve finished my degree I’m using my spare time to blog about Psychology, Neuroscience, my career in UX, and why I love it. I also left Berlin in 2021 and jetted north to start a my new Swedish life complete with Midsommer parties, Elks and Fika!

Thanks for reading.